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Breckenridge  Cava Cafe, Modis Restaurant

Frisco  Smoker Bra

Keystone  Spoon Cafe

Golden Vice Kitchen 


About Tai

My Background


Colorado native, Christian Tai Leach, first discovered his talent at the age of three when he picked up a pencil and drew a jeep on a piece of orange construction paper. Throughout his youth, he continued to develop his artistic skills while being inspired by his Santa Fe artist uncle, Danny Valdes. It was Danny who first suggested Tai paint on one of his old snowboards that was about to be thrown in the dumpster. Since that first snowboard painting in 2000, Tai has painted over 150 snowboard paintings.  Today, the self-taught oil painter paints on snowboards, skateboards, and other recycled materials giving them a new life as art. Though he is untrained, Tai has developed a masterful use of color and the ability to create movement and energy in his work. His depictions of Colorado mountains, wildlife, urban city scapes, and beautiful women all exhibit his uniquely raw style. In his, free time, Tai is passionate about snowboarding, four-wheeling, and skateboarding. He currently lives in Leadville, Colorado 

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